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50 Warning Signs (That Your Teen May Be in Trouble)



1.   Teen does not comply with home rules or standards. 

2.   Rejects family values. 

3.   Avoids family activities. 

4.   Isolates themselves (many times through TV, music, computer or video games) 

5.   Disrespectful or defiant. 

6.   Argumentative with parents. 

7.   Verbally abusive to parents. 

8.   Hostile, angry or irritable. 

9.   Has violent outbursts. 

10.  Struggles with relationships. 

11.  Frequent conflicts with peers. 

12.  Truant. 

13.  Low interest in school. 

14.  Bad grades. 

15.  Neglects appearance/hygiene. 

16.  Extreme in dress/grooming. 

17.  Any change for the worse in appearance or hygiene. 

18.  Hangs around with negative peer group. 

19.  Negative changes in friends. 

20.  Lies and deceives. 

21.  Sneaky or hides things. 

22.  Manipulative or self-centered. 

23.  Known drug or alcohol use. 

24.  Suspected drug/alcohol use. 

25.  Smokes against parents wishes. 

26.  Violates curfew. 

27.  Prolonged or unexplained absences from home. 

28.  Runaway or threats of running away. 

29.  Leaves home without permission. 

30.  Seems apathetic or careless. 

31.  Little or no concern for future. 

32.  Lacks motivation. 

33.  Low interest in wholesome or healthy activities. 

34.  Reckless disregard for consequences. 

35.  Stealing or frequent borrowing of money. 

36.  Money or valuables lost or missing around 

37.  Possession of unexplained valuables. 

38.  Withdrawn or low energy. 

39.  Dazed or seems confused in demeanor or affect. 

40.  Slurred speech. 

41.  Frequent sadness. 

42.  Talk, threats, or acts of suicide. 

43.  Expressions of worthlessness. 

44.  Loss of appetite. 

45.  Loss or gain in weight. 

46.  Too much or not enough sleep. 

47.  Negative towards teachers or authority figures. 

48.  Doesn't follow through on promises or commitments. 

49.  Irresponsible or undependable. 

50.  ANY incidents involving law enforcement. 



Compiled by: 

Lynn Bacon, CNLPC, CFC, CRC 

Gwinnett Coaching 

Dacula, GA 




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